Home of the FatFreeFilm Podcast

FatFreeFilm was an independent film podcast that began 2006, when podcasts were not as accessible or widely embraced as they are today. On this site you will find all of the 80 interviews that occurred from 2006 until 2011.

Joel Marshall and Kamala Lopez are the hosts. You’ll find some very frank in-depth conversations about filmmaking and in-depth interviews about the life of people who make movies. Many of the interviews occurred during a very important time in Hollywood, as the industry began to move from film to digital cameras, and also as online streaming of movies and episodic programming came into being.

Sadly, some of our interviewees are no longer with us, but the time we shared with them hopefully provides some insight into their genius, craft and experiences.

Dr. Jesse Rhines hosted with Joel Marshall in an early iteration called FilmShots, which set out to talk about indie film and raw food. These episodes are also included on this site.

All the podcast episodes are here, subscribe on iTunes or you can search the site below.

Joel Marshall